Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Flowers

One of the things I do like about living in the Midwest is the abundance of Cone Flowers and the discovery of Bee Balm. I planted two perennial gardens this spring, and here are some of the blooms. Since it's been a fairly wet summer, the leaves aren't as green as I'd like, but hey. Next year will bring another chance. And bigger and more plants!

Speaking of bigger, here's my 30 week belly. I expect each week will bring noticeable change for the next 2 months. So amazing! This past week has been a bit of a struggle for me. I got this horrific GI illness Saturday morning that made me so weak and comatose. After it all, I ended up going to the hospital to get an IV. Thinking it would be a quick saline IV and then we'd be on our way, we learned that I had low potassium (an electrolite) and needed to get a potassium drip. This takes 6 hours. Ten long hours later, I was home and feeling closer to normal. I'm still waiting to feel completely normal, and hoping that comes tomorrow. But babies in bellies take everything! And as full as I am, refilling everything is quite the task.

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