Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fire Works

Wow. It's the 4th of July! You wouldn't know it, looking outside. I think the universe is being especially evil to us this year. We've had enough Portland weather around here to start actually complaining about the rain. Something I really dislike doing, because in all honesty, I like the rain. And Barry and I are missing Portland more and more all the time. Or at least I am.

This morning we went to the Glen Ellyn Parade and it lightly rained. The fire engines screamed, and the little pumpkin squirmed and danced all around. She's especially excited today. Perhaps it's because I have declared it an "eat anything" day. She is hanging out so high already that eating is getting nearly impossible. And my appetite is gigantic! So far today I've had my normal breakfast of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Hot Cereal, almond butter, a little Cinnamon Life and All Bran mixed in, and cottage cheese on the side, I made banana muffins (I ate 1/4 one), 1/2 granola bar, 1/2 apple, some grapes, hummus and mushrooms, 3 slices roast beef, 1/2 slice cheese, blueberries and strawberries with whipped cream, and last, a few chips and salsa. I may not be able to eat a lot at once, but I eat often!

So far I've gained 18 pounds at 26 weeks. My arse is a wide load, along with my thighs. But mostly it's my belly. 13.5 weeks to go! Officially I am in my 3rd trimester tomorrow. Yay!

And I realized it's about time I start acting like a pregnant lady. Running is becoming harder and harder. Trouble is my belly feels like a big bowling ball and the weight of it is not all that comfortable. I found walk/runs are good, but mostly I end up walking more than running. Yesterday I just walked. But walked way too long. My mom and I walked for a good 90 minutes and that effort left me napping the majority of the afternoon. And still today, after walking to and from the parade, I found I needed to close my eyes for a while this afternoon.

It's difficult for me to NOT move though. I feel my behind growing and growing and it freaks me out. How big will it get? Yes, I know I'll lose it, but that doesn't come without work. And time. I don't want to wear stretch pants all winter.

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