Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Last weekend I attended a baby shower for my cousin's wife. She and her husband are having their first baby in June. It's obviously exciting for them, and scary too, and seeing that excitement was uplifting. I'm excited for our baby to come, but also know the work that's going to be involved so I think I'm trying to enjoy the quite(-er) times I have now.

The shower was one of those showers where we played games. But they were good games - thoughtful games where we didn't have to interact with others and embarrass ourselves. My cousin Mary Ann must have had my Grandma June by her side because she won the first two "competition games" of BINGO and word unscramble. For the third game, we had to think of something that our mothers did when we were little that still makes us smile. I decided to not write about the time when my mom, sister and I were grocery shopping at the Jewel. It was a morning after my parents were out having an exceptionally good time and I think we were maybe 10 and 13. I remember my mom looking not so good. She was in her sweat pants, no make-up, and very tired looking. Ann and I went off to the toy or school supply aisle until we heard over the intercom "clean up on aisle 7. Bring a mop." We looked at each other and scurried off, praying to not be embarrassed. Thankfully, she was fine, stomach contents still intact. But the story cracks us up to this day. I just thought this shower not being that kind of party, I'd think of something else.

One of the more pure things that we used to do was whenever we were walking holding hands, she'd squeeze my hand, I'd squeeze hers, then she'd squeeze mine, and on and on. Now, I do this with Camille and she loves the game. And it's so funny to see the force she puts behind it. To get the squeeze just right. When Camille stayed with my mom and dad when barry and I were in Portland, my mom did it with Camille and she knew just what to do. My mom thought that was just great.

Wednesdays have always been our special day. It used to be the only day I didn't work, but these days, it's kind of just a normal day. But what does still make it special is that we're on our own schedule - Barry is usually traveling, we don't have any commitments, and we do whatever we want. Today we're going to the pottery studio to paint. I'm hoping to walk it being Earth Day. And then perhaps we'll have lunch. We usually go to Panera Bread together. She gets a blueberry bagel with cream cheese, but not too much cream cheese. Then this afternoon, we'll probably head down to Ikea and get an art table for her. (I'm getting a little tired of all the art projects being created on the kitchen table.) Then we'll set it up and do some sort of project.

I love these days because it's just her and me. And now, even more so, these days are special. I need to figure out a way that we can still do these days so that she remembers them and writes them down on her smile list.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two day record

I suppose actually acknowledging that I hadn't run in more than two weeks made me feel guilty about not running. Either that or it inspired me to get out there and run. It's not that cold anymore in the mornings, and the last two have been near my ideal temps of the 40s and 50s, not the 30s. It's mid-April for christ sake.

So Friday morning, Barry was home and I took advantage of the time and glorious morning and went for a little run. I ran just about 3.5 miles, which is good for me considering I usually way over do it after a lay-off. I feel so fresh after some time off that I think I can run 6 miles right off the bat. I did feel very fresh, and even NOT pregnant. But I didn't want to be dead the rest of the day. I felt amazing. Legs strong under me, form chi-like. Even with my pregnant belly.

This morning, I headed out again. This time for 5 miles; long these days. Again I felt pretty good. I'm finding it's taking me a little longer to feel warmed up and into a rhythm. I ran out one mile and back and a the end of the two miles, I wanted to call it a day. But I drank my water and continued on. Pregnancy is not going to stop me from moving. I'm glad I did, because by the time I reached mile 4, I got a new energy and was able to pick up the pace without feeling like I was digging too deep. I actually ended up running the 5th mile as fast as I ran the first, which has not happened since pre-preggo.

I feel like I am needing more fuel lately. More food, more sleep, more rest. Up until now I've been giving in to cravings and desires of taste. Sweets, salt, fat. I've been letting myself go. I mean I don't totally indulge, but I think I've been using the excuse that I'm pregnant a little too liberally. I've become tired of it. Now if I want a snack at night I won't eat a cookie, I'll have milk and some cereal instead. Milk is just fantastic to me right now. So clean, rich, light, nourishing. No wonder they call it the perfect drink.

So tomorrow, I hope to get out again for a short little run. 3-4 miles would be ideal. This energy I'm having right now is wonderful and I want to take full advantage. And, if I run 3 days in a row, I'll be tying my record of consecutive days since pre-preggo.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lazy Legs

I have not run since our trip to Portland. And I don't know how I feel about this. When I found out I was preggo, I was all gung-ho about being one of those women who ran the whole time. Bouncing along at 8 months feeling fabulous. Well, you know, I don't feel fabulous. I feel like hell.

Every night my head feels like it's in a vice. Tylenol does nothing. Drinking water does nothing. Sleeping doesn't do much either. I guess it's "hormones." Sheesh. Why can't my body just deal with it? I also feel like hell in my running clothes. I've gained about 7-8 pounds and my capri pants don't fit all that well anymore. The cutting into my belly and the back fat really turns me off. And this recession doesn't bode well for shopping, especially for clothes that I may or may not wear that much. My shirts are ok, but soon I will be showing skin of my mid belly. It won't be so embarrassing once I actually look pregnant, rather than just fat, but for now it's embarrassing. I feel like my belly jiggles as I run down the path. And it just makes me not want to do it so much. And it's cold. I hate cold. One day here and there is doable, but every day... for months and months drives me a little batty.

So instead of running I've been doing the elliptical machine. Last year I used the elliptical to help me prepare for Boston while my neuroma healed. It works and is minimal impact. So that means no belly fat jiggling. I feel like I get a pretty good workout on it, especially if I can make it to 45 minutes. Sad that 45 min is about my max. In January I was running 50 mile weeks without too much trouble. Somedays even 45 minutes is hard because of boredom or, I get hypo-glycemic. One of the lovely aspects of being pregnant.

I'm not complaining. I'm excited to be pregnant and especially excited to not be pregnant and have a new little baby.

I'm also doing yoga. And it's hard! It doesn't feel like all that much while in class but the next day I really feel it. I don't make all the poses as I am not all that great at it, and I do get tired, but still, it is more relaxing to me than hard work. It's hard in another way, not like running 18 miles hard. I am going to resist the pre-natal classes for as long as I can. I hear that those classes are just too easy. If I can get to at least 1 class a week I'm happy, but 2 is ideal.

Anyway, more later. My new show, Southland, is on and I'm hungry for some cottage cheese and cereal...