Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lazy Legs

I have not run since our trip to Portland. And I don't know how I feel about this. When I found out I was preggo, I was all gung-ho about being one of those women who ran the whole time. Bouncing along at 8 months feeling fabulous. Well, you know, I don't feel fabulous. I feel like hell.

Every night my head feels like it's in a vice. Tylenol does nothing. Drinking water does nothing. Sleeping doesn't do much either. I guess it's "hormones." Sheesh. Why can't my body just deal with it? I also feel like hell in my running clothes. I've gained about 7-8 pounds and my capri pants don't fit all that well anymore. The cutting into my belly and the back fat really turns me off. And this recession doesn't bode well for shopping, especially for clothes that I may or may not wear that much. My shirts are ok, but soon I will be showing skin of my mid belly. It won't be so embarrassing once I actually look pregnant, rather than just fat, but for now it's embarrassing. I feel like my belly jiggles as I run down the path. And it just makes me not want to do it so much. And it's cold. I hate cold. One day here and there is doable, but every day... for months and months drives me a little batty.

So instead of running I've been doing the elliptical machine. Last year I used the elliptical to help me prepare for Boston while my neuroma healed. It works and is minimal impact. So that means no belly fat jiggling. I feel like I get a pretty good workout on it, especially if I can make it to 45 minutes. Sad that 45 min is about my max. In January I was running 50 mile weeks without too much trouble. Somedays even 45 minutes is hard because of boredom or, I get hypo-glycemic. One of the lovely aspects of being pregnant.

I'm not complaining. I'm excited to be pregnant and especially excited to not be pregnant and have a new little baby.

I'm also doing yoga. And it's hard! It doesn't feel like all that much while in class but the next day I really feel it. I don't make all the poses as I am not all that great at it, and I do get tired, but still, it is more relaxing to me than hard work. It's hard in another way, not like running 18 miles hard. I am going to resist the pre-natal classes for as long as I can. I hear that those classes are just too easy. If I can get to at least 1 class a week I'm happy, but 2 is ideal.

Anyway, more later. My new show, Southland, is on and I'm hungry for some cottage cheese and cereal...

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