Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two day record

I suppose actually acknowledging that I hadn't run in more than two weeks made me feel guilty about not running. Either that or it inspired me to get out there and run. It's not that cold anymore in the mornings, and the last two have been near my ideal temps of the 40s and 50s, not the 30s. It's mid-April for christ sake.

So Friday morning, Barry was home and I took advantage of the time and glorious morning and went for a little run. I ran just about 3.5 miles, which is good for me considering I usually way over do it after a lay-off. I feel so fresh after some time off that I think I can run 6 miles right off the bat. I did feel very fresh, and even NOT pregnant. But I didn't want to be dead the rest of the day. I felt amazing. Legs strong under me, form chi-like. Even with my pregnant belly.

This morning, I headed out again. This time for 5 miles; long these days. Again I felt pretty good. I'm finding it's taking me a little longer to feel warmed up and into a rhythm. I ran out one mile and back and a the end of the two miles, I wanted to call it a day. But I drank my water and continued on. Pregnancy is not going to stop me from moving. I'm glad I did, because by the time I reached mile 4, I got a new energy and was able to pick up the pace without feeling like I was digging too deep. I actually ended up running the 5th mile as fast as I ran the first, which has not happened since pre-preggo.

I feel like I am needing more fuel lately. More food, more sleep, more rest. Up until now I've been giving in to cravings and desires of taste. Sweets, salt, fat. I've been letting myself go. I mean I don't totally indulge, but I think I've been using the excuse that I'm pregnant a little too liberally. I've become tired of it. Now if I want a snack at night I won't eat a cookie, I'll have milk and some cereal instead. Milk is just fantastic to me right now. So clean, rich, light, nourishing. No wonder they call it the perfect drink.

So tomorrow, I hope to get out again for a short little run. 3-4 miles would be ideal. This energy I'm having right now is wonderful and I want to take full advantage. And, if I run 3 days in a row, I'll be tying my record of consecutive days since pre-preggo.

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