Sunday, July 5, 2009

I don't get

Why random people tell me I'm pregnant. Like I didn't know. This one lady said, "Uh oh. Someone's pregnant!" I mummered "uh oh, someone's fat." She was sitting at a deserted craft sale table. Deserted in the sense that no one was at this particular craft fair. Then she continued to comment to her friend that it must be really uncomfortable to be pregnant in the summer. She was pregnant in the summer but not THAT pregnant. Sorry lady. You haven't seen anything yet. A 6 month belly is nothing compared to a 9 month belly.

Barry was appalled. "It's not like you're a zoo animal," he said. Oh how I love him.

Or why grocery checkers think they can ask me when I'm due, what I'm having, and what I'm thinking of naming her.

Or why anyone would ask me what we're naming her. I know some people announce their baby's name before it's born, but it makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I am always really aware of what my facial expression might look like.

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