Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week One, Injury One

Today marks the end of week one of marathon training. It started out nicely - I ran a 10K in Chicago and PR'ed in the first 5K and since it was so bloody hot I took it easy for the second 5k. Then on Monday, the official "start" of marathon training, I ran 7 miles and my left foot's neuroma started yelling. Oy. The week continued and by yesterday's long run, it was useless to try to run. I managed 1.5 miles before limping through my stride. 

I'm experienced with neuromas and know that the only way to calm it down is to not run and to visit the doctor. So intstead of running my 13 miles, I went for a bike ride. I was lucky enough to have Barry back home from his week long trip to California and he and Camille were heading out for some quality Tour de France watching. 

Oh the bike ride was glorious! It felt like I never left the sport. My pedaling was light and quick (granted I was in a little gear) and the hills seemed like small bumps in the road. Compared to hills in Oregon they were little bumps! The bike may be put to more use this week until I can get to the doctor and have this neuroma taken care of. It would be dreamy if this marathon actually goes well. And the fact that I'm getting hurt EARLY rather than in the last 6 weeks is a good sign. haha. Oh marathons. 

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