Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Found That Rock

No, I'm not a bike racer anymore. But somehow I still manage to get road-rash on a regular basis. Yesterday on my 12 mile run, my running buddy, Christine, and I were chatting away, lalala, in our 11th mile. "Wouldn't some cookies be wonderful right now? You know I made some chocolate chip cookies this past weekend and put some cinnamon in them. I learned that from my favorite grocery store in Portland where they made these 7 grain cookies..." and wham-o. I was airborne and then next thing I was sliding on the limestone Prairie Path. I managed to hit the only rock embedded into the path which then launched me off my feet.

My hand, knee, shin, and ankle were all banged up. Rats! Bloody and adrenaline filled, Christine and I ran finished up the run. I kept running so that the pain didn't set in. Once I got home I played it cool so Camille wouldn't see the damage. Barry couldn't believe how bloody I was. My new socks! It really looked much worse than it was, as always. After cleaning it up with hydrogen peroxide and soap and water it was just a deep abrasion on the knee and some scratches down the shin. 

After showering and putting some New-Skin on my wounds, Camille noticed my knee. "What happened Mommy?" Do you have a boo-boo? Did you fall down? Did you fall down while you were running? Did the other girl say oh no? Did the other girl fall down too? Did she give you a hug? Mommy, does your boo-boo hurt? Do you need a Band-Aid? (I discovered we only have Dora Band-Aids) Here, here's my doggy to make you feel better. Mommy do you have a boo-boo?"

And on and on. 

This weekend Barry and Camille are heading out to Iowa to visit Barry's mom. She's over the moon that we're back here and can make these last minute trips out to visit. Camille is looking forward to the trip out there and seeing her Vivienne Grandma. I'm missing the trip this time because I have a 10K race downtown.  It's been planned since before we left Portland. I feel bad that I can't go but I think we'll all be ok. Really. I'm going to get Camille's room painted and curtain rods hung. Then I have some appointments and then, well, I don't know. How often do I get to say that? I imagine I'll get a little lonely though. 

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