Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Starting Fresh

Welcome to our new blog! This will take place of our old .mac account. My goal is that this space will be easier to update so we can write more often. And, you'll notice I said "we" so this space also allows Barry to post - if he so desires. I imagine his posts will likely be more insightful than mine since he often has a lot more to say than I do. 

We're settling in well here. Our daily routine is starting to gel and running routes are becoming established. I have yet to get all my shopping spots found, or my haircut place selected but that will come soon. Oh my hair is becoming a mess! 

I start work August 1st. I didn't mean to get a job, but it just sort of fell into my lap. It's at a chiropractors office in Glen Ellyn that focuses on athletes. Pretty much my dream job - lots of runners, cyclists, triathletes. I'll be doing office work - front desk, scheduling, billing, inventory, etc. part of the time there and then in addition, I'll be renting space within the office to run my own massage practice. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, confident about this all. There's a lot to think about as I've always worked for someone else while I've been a massage therapist. It's a new venture for me in all regards but I think I'll be ok. More on all this later. 

Marathon training starts officially next week. EEk. My goal is to be more relaxed about the training and just let the running come. More on this as well. 

Camille amazes me everyday. She's becoming such a little person. There's not much I do that she doesn't immediately copy so it's a good thing I'm pretty straight in most regards. She says the most amazing things. Like the other day we were driving back from Downers Grove, ready to get on 355. I told her she may want to roll her window up because we were getting on the highway. She said, "Where's the highway? Is that up on a hill?"  Fantastic. 

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