Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Her Way

I'm almost afraid to say it. So maybe I won't. But then what's really the point of all this? So let's just say I have been following a running plan for two weeks. No more than that and who is counting, anyway? Last week I did a long run, albeit in soup, of 15 (and some )miles with my running pal Christine. I seriously don't know how I would have done that run without her. I got home, after two hours seven minutes of running, talking, laughing, and whining, and wrung out my skirt. Then I wrung out my top. And then I headed straight for the ice bath and it was one of the most refreshing things I have ever done. Who knew? (I've never ice bathed before. Way too cold for me.)

This week we're enjoying much clearer, crisper air which makes my morning runs Grand. Fall is on it's way teasing us runners with these crisp mornings. I know humid hot days are still coming, but at least for now we can enjoy this taste.

This week also marks the kids going back to school. Camille headed off to her first day of kindergarten yesterday and thankfully, loved it. Not that I had any doubts, but kindergarten is different than pre-school and we've been prepping her for this all summer. More rules, less play, more learning. She's already told us that you have to "raise your hand before you talk. Just in school though. At home you can talk when no one else is talking." Also that recess is her favorite part of school.

As of last week, she was placed in morning kindergarten. This meant I would have to leave to drop her off at school by 8:35. Now let's consider; I run early and my husband and I have a "rule" that I need to be home from my run, workout, whatever by 8 am. So this 8:35 business was a little daunting for me as well as for Camille who is the only one in our family who inherited the ability to sleep in. The girl can sleep until 10 am. And she's FIVE.

Anyway, I just figured I would need to leave the house to run or whatever about 15-20 minutes earlier so that I wouldn't be as rushed to get out the door. Not that I need to be all glammed out for drop-off, but a shower and dry hair would be nice. Add getting the baby dressed and installed in the stroller equals not much time. So as Camille's world was soon to be turned upside-down, so was my running schedule.

How can I possibly leave 15-20 minutes earlier? I already get up at 5:00 with the baby.

Then. Chaos strikes at the elementary school. They needed to cancel one morning class because of low kindergarten enrollment at our school and combine four classes into three. So 16 morning kids were moved to afternoon kindergarten. Da- da - da. You can imagine the uproar from parents. No one wants afternoon. I sure didn't.

But all of Camille's friends from pre-school, thus all of my mom friends, got moved to afternoon. We were feeling pretty left out. So I got to thinking... this afternoon business might not be all that bad. Not only will Camille have more friends already in the afternoon, I'll have more mom friends, quiet time while Daphne naps in the afternoon, and most importantly, my running schedule remains the same! What was I thinking with the morning?

So I requested she move to afternoon. I called up the principal and told him we'd gladly move to afternoon, if that works, and I know how many parents need morning for various reasons and don't, really. (And yes, it's kinda cool to know I'm on his list of favorite parents.) He was thrilled to have us move and I was relieved it worked out. For Camille. And for me.

And as you know, it's always about me and always about running.

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  1. Way to make lemonade out of lemons, Christine. Oh, and I hope you become a fan of the ice bath. It's sooooo great after a long and/or hard run. Keep me updated!