Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Here we go

Two months after my last entry, I've again been inspired. To run and to write.

The running will last. We'll have to see about the writing. I'm usually inspired to write but time runs away from me as I try to catch my 10 month old before she grabs my coffee, spills the recycling, or eats Comet.

I've decided to run a marathon. I know, I know, those of you who know me well remember how I profusely stated I would not run a marathon until Daphne was at least 18 months old. I really do believe it takes at least that long to get the body back together after a pregnancy. Especially for me, miss loosey goosey 2 hour labors.

I decided to run one while we were visiting Portland. I ran with some old pals, one of whom was in her first week of marathon training. She was so excited to be starting the structure and building up the miles, recovering, suffering, being elated after a good run. All that. And then, finally marathon day arrives and she gets to show off all that work. "What a lucky gal," I thought. I got jealous. I wanted a marathon too.

So I found one for fall, 10 weeks off. Just long enough to train for the distance but not long enough to raise expectations of running a PR. Barry was on board, sort of. He said he was just waiting for this to happen.

Just as soon as I decided this, injury struck. Right ankle. I iced, ellipticalled, rested. Then I remembered I had this injury the first marathon I ran and what fixed it was Graston. So I called up my Graston guy and got in there to fix it. Sure enough, after 2 treatments I am pretty good to go.

So officially, this is my first week of training. I have 38 miles this week. I end the week with a 15-16 mile run (depending on if my running friend wants to push on) and during the week I have an 8 with tempo, a 5 recovery, and a 10 general. The tempo today was good - 1 mile warm-up (I know, but I get antsy) 5 mile tempo (avg 7:32) and a 2 mile recovery. Way fast for my 9:00 marathon goal pace. Next time I'll be better. Probably won't be that hard to slow down since I won't be fresh like I am now.

Oh, I guess I should add, I'm running the Grand Rapids Marathon in Grand Rapids, MI on October 17.


  1. Hang in there! and be mindful of the twinges. I know you're just a young 'un but at the first sign of pain I hit the ice hard.

    Will be looking forward to hearing how the training goes!

  2. You are at it again - going out too fast!!! You and Monica. Is it something about being in your 30s? Come back to Portland and I will be happy to slow you down!!!