Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Speedy Day

It's official. I've signed up for my first post-baby race. It's May 2 and a half marathon, called the Great Western Trail Half. I have nine weeks to prepare... on top of the work I've already done. Fun!

Since I'm so goal oriented, I can't decide whether or not I want to have a goal for this race. A goal makes me work hard and keeps me focused, but I'm really afraid of not making the goal. I'm still just 5 month post-baby and I know it takes more time than you ever imagine to get back into shape. I realize I could do a shorter race for my first one back, but I really don't want to. Honestly, those shorter races scare me. I really don't think I can run that hard! The shorter the race, the faster you need (I need. Most people aren't like me) to run.

So this week marks week one of my Training Schedule. My husband thinks I'm crazy, attempting to stick to a schedule with a 5 month old and 5 year old. But I know he loves me for it. (right honey?)

Yesterday I did my first speed workout. On deck was a 1200 m, 2x800m, and 4x200m. It felt easy, surprisingly. But, I really don't know what pace to run them at because I've been running so much indoors. I don't know my true pace. Running on the treadmill is like cheating. My 1200 was done at pace and it felt fine. But it was only 1200 meters. Not even a mile. So sure. I can run whatever you tell me for a mile. Sheesh. If that were a a barometer I'd set a goal for a 1:30. Right. But then my other intervals were such a piece of cake. I could have totally done them harder. I know what hard 800s feel like. I've been there. Ak. It can be ugly. But yesterday it was beautiful and cheery.

Tomorrow I have somewhat of a more realistic workout to see what goal pace I should establish. 2x 2 miles. I don't know what I'll do them at, but hopefully I'll have a better idea once that run is complete.

This is all running journal today. Sorry. The gals have been good - loud but good. Little Miss Daph is getting up 3 times a night. It is not fun.

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