Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I need sleep. Miss Daphne is not making this easy for me. The past 3 nights she has gotten up 3 times, once every 3 hours. This is not giving me much restful sleep. We've started to stuff her at night before she goes to bed (around 6:30) and this is at least allowing her to sleep a good 5 hour stretch to begin her night. But then once 11 or 12 hits, the waking every 3 hours begins. I'm breast feeding her at night every time she wakes up because it allows her to go back to sleep easily. I figure 15 minutes of feeding, a diaper change and she goes back to sleep without any problem. Maybe I should give her a bottle instead so that she perhaps gets a little more full, and doesn't get the satisfaction of the warm, comfy breast? Or, do we just let her figure it out on her own and let her cry? She'll be 6 months in another week. And I need sleep.

Yesterday I finally hit the weights. I have been slacking with weight lifting since it's been so nice outside to run. But yesterday I made time between Daphne's nap and Camille's swim lessons to do some core and strength work. Man oh man I am sore today. My hamstrings, chest and calves are really screaming. Even my upper abs are sore. And that's a rarity for me. (not that my abs are six pack... far from it... but I do some sort of ab work every day so this, I guess, helps to keep the soreness away.) So this is a lesson to myself: cross train 1-2x week!

I still need to pull myself out there to run this morning. My goal is 6 miles at an easy pace. If I do this, I may reward myself later with a little nap if I can squeeze it in between play dates and a Target run.


6.4 miles completed. Not as easy as it should have been (8:10s) but I felt ok and really wanted it to be over with.

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