Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Skirting the issue

I did it. I joined the fashion runners. My friend Jody has always thought that I was a matchy runner, but now not only am I matchy, I'm fashionable. I bought one of those running skirts, which really just looks like a tennis skirt. I always thought they were cute, but couldn't let go of my ego that told me they were really only for "recreational" runners.  Or for girls/women thinking that going out for a 3 mile run is a big deal. 

But since moving here in June, I've seen a lot of fast women running on the Prairie Path. And many of them are wearing these skirts. Somehow no matter what time I run I see the same people running. Usually they're in the about the same spot too. It's a very strange phenomenon. Like we're all on the same unspoken schedule of sleeping in or getting up early to run as well as distance and pace of our runs. Most of these women have kicked my butt in local races, too. Sub 7 minutes used to be the milestone to beat. Now it seems like 6:30 is the milestone. I'm not sure I'll ever get there, but maybe so in my new sassy skirt! 

That is if my foot ever decides to heal itself. There was a glorious 3 month period from Boston to July 20th when my foot didn't hurt. But since then it's been touch and go. My current podiatrist thinks I have, or had, a stress fracture. I don't see how this is possible. Stress fractures REALLY hurt. They don't allow you to run and even walking is troublesome. I wouldn't describe my foot pain as REALLY hurting. It's more of an ache that I'm trying to protect so that it doesn't get any worse. Problem is, it's not getting any better. The x-ray films show a very light line that could indicate a stress fracture. But the Dr. doesn't know if it's old or new or about to happen. So all this uncertainty makes me crazy. Any slight increase in pain in my foot makes me think I've finally broken it. But then a few hours later it's totally fine. Or the fact that I got through 40 miles last week with no troubles, including an 18 mile run. And then yesterday I ran 12 without any pain but blisters forming on the toes. 

I think what I need to do is find a new doctor. Someone who will analyze my stride, my pain patterns, and do a bone scan. But for now, I plan to run today and this weekend. 6 more weeks until the marathon. I'm already starting to have dreams about loosing my race day clothes and missing the start. Maybe I should go get a back-up skirt...

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