Wednesday, September 24, 2008

18 days

I was running the other day (duh) and realized that I'm going to have to run a marathon soon. All this time it has just been this "thing" that might happen. Taking it day by day, I've managed to get through and am in fact quite fit. Amazingly, I feel better than I usually do at this point in a program. Perhaps that's because I didn't follow a program and instead listened to my body and my intuition and did what I needed to do to feel good for the full 12 weeks.

There's a lot of optimism this time around. An injury came early rather than late in my training, i don't have weird cramps like I usually do running hard (thanks Michelle), and I even got a cold early rather than 10 days before the event. I know I'm not out of the woods yet, but still. I'm pretty psyched. 3:30? 3:32? 3:28? 3:40.58?

But, I also know that anything can happen because 26.2 miles is a LONG way. Like for example, if it's 82 degrees at the start. This year I plan on finding Jody and she and I can run to the half-way mark and then head to the bar. Detroit has a marathon the following weekend we can do.

I have a whole box full of goals to make running Chicago this year the best. More on these later. But for now, if you want to track me, my number is 6608. You can sign up to track athletes at

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