Thursday, January 29, 2009

The crud, the blood and the cough

This week was supposed to be one of my biggest weeks so far of the training plan. I've started the threshold portion of the training plan and also entering the first week of 50+ miles per week. Monday I ran 10 with 5 miles at 7.40-7.20; Tuesday 11 miles in 1.32; and Wednesday rest. I think that rest gave my body a chance to develop this cough and cold. Fighting it for the past two weeks, I gave in. I think I was getting more tired from fighting it. So this morning, the first morning in weeks when it's above 20 degrees, I'm contemplating not running and resting instead to fight this horrible hacking thing. Bed sounds nice.

I'm coughing some yellow crud, blowing bloody snot from my nose, and feel relatively hot in the chest. I've been searching the Web for reasons why I should run, but can't find too many. Perhaps I should visit the doctor instead.

"Hey doc, I really need some antibiotics so that I can run my 18 miler this weekend."

That's always my plea. Always for running. But wait. I need to find a doctor since our insurance changed and my doctor is not on my plan. Oy. I'm all for natural health but when it comes to colds and coughs and such, give me the meds.

Last night I tried out my new pasta roller. I made homemade pasta for the first time and it was fantastic. A little time consuming, but totally worth it. We had just a little pasta with some olive oil and herbs, chicken sausage, and roasted asparagus. Just lovely.

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